Advanced Statistical Programming Camp 2018

October 24, 2017

Dates: Monday, January 29 - Friday, Feburary 2, 2018
Session: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Sherrerd Hall 101
Instructor: Will Lowe and Hubert Jin

The Advanced Statistical Programming Camp builds on the Introductory Camp by expanding the computing toolsets of researchers beyond base R.  The camp provides tools which can help analyze big datasets, e.g. voter files across many states, micro-level international trade data, large federal personnel databases, and employ computationally intensive methods, e.g. Monte Carlo simulation, cross-validation, or the bootstrap.

We begin by introducing some low-cost strategies for improving both your programming and R’s performance. The second day introduces an important special case of advanced R: the analysis of text. (For the acquisition of text from the web, see our separate web scraping course.) We then introduce tools for parallel execution of R code, first on personal machines and then on the remote high performance computing systems available at Princeton. We then introduce some basic C++ and show how to use call it easily from R using Rcpp.

Finally, we introduce tools for bundling research code into R packages for easy dissemination, and provide a primer on embedding code in markdown, latex, and as web pages.

Workshop days are organized by these topics and may be attended selectively or all together, depending on research needs.

Please check the Advanced Statistical Programming Camp page for updates and more information.