Seminars in 2011-2012

Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

Date Presenter Title
9/16/2011 Kasia Hebda Interest Group Coalitions and Information Transmission (Practice Job Talk)
9/23/2011 Marc Ratkovic Achieving Optimal Covariate Balance Under General Treatment Regimes
9/30/2011 Kosuke Imai & In Song Kim Understanding and Improving Fixed Effects Regression Models for Casual Inference
10/7/2011 Michael Ward, Duke University Improving Predictions Using Ensemble Bayesian Model Averaging
10/14/2011 Stephen Chaudoin The Strategic Timing of Legalized International Disputes (Practice Job Talk)
Kevin Collins
Who Gives? Political Messages, Activist Motivations, and Campaign Contribution Behavior (Practice Job Talk)
Nicholas M. Goedert
Redistricting Under Electoral Uncertainty (Practice Job Talk)
11/11/2011 Jidong Chen
Collective Decision Making with Rational Inattention paper1.pdf  paper2.pdf
11/18/2011 Yuki Takagi
12/2/2011 Wendy K. Tam Cho, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Deborah Beim & Sean M. Gerrish
Topic Modeling in the Judicial Hierarchy
12/16/2011 Peter Buisseret
Graduate students poster session    12pm-2pm, Wallace 300
1/20/2012 Cluster Computing  
1/27/2012 Rocio Titiunik, University of Michigan
Randomization Inference in the Regression Discontinuity Design
Stephen Chaudoin, Helen V. Milner & Xun Pang
Understanding the Interaction between Domestic and International Politics: A Road Map for Linking Complex Theories with Appropriate Empirical Models
Kosuke Imai & Marc Ratkovic
Covariate Balancing Propensity Score
2/24/2012 Michael Peress, University of Rochester Targeting Political Advertising on Television
3/2/2012 Matthew J. Salganik Wiki Surveys: Open and Quantifiable Social Data Collection
3/9/2012 John Freeman, University of Minnesota Forecasting Conflict Dynamics
3/16/2012 Michael Donnelly The Questionable Validity of Income Measures in the World Values Survey
3/23/2012 Spring Break  
3/30/2012 Matias Iaryczower Can Deliberation Trump Conflict? Partial Identification of a Deliberative Voting Model
4/6/2012 Andrew Eggers, London School of Economics Polarization and the Electoral Control of Politicians: Evidence from the UK Expenses Scandal
4/13/2012 Midwest  
4/20/2012 Cyrus Samii, New York University Estimating Average Causal Effects Under General Inference
4/27/2012 Deborah Beim, Alex Hirsch & John Kastellec Dissents and Compliance in the Judicial Hierarchy
5/4/2012 Kai Steverson Losing to Win: How Partisan Candidates Help Parties Win in the Future
5/11/2012 In Song Kim A Theory of Open Trade with Heterogeneous Firms
7/27/2012 Alex Debs
Is Transparency a Force for Peace?