Seminars in 2010-2011

Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Date Presenter Title
9/17/10 Teppei Yamamoto A Multinomial Response Model for Varying Choice Sets with Application to Partially Contested Multiparty Elections
9/24/10 Michael Miller Economic Development, Violent Leader Removal, and Democratization
10/1/10 Andy Eggers, Yale University/London School of Economics Political Investing: The Common Stock Investments of Members of Congress 2004-2008
10/8/10 Avi Acharya The Political Hold-up Problem and an Institutional Solution
10/15/10 Gary King, Harvard University Comparative Effectiveness of Matching Methods for Causal Inference
10/22/10 Marc Ratkovic Identifying the Effects of Political Boundaries: Simultaneous Variable Selection and Curve Fitting Through Mixed-Penalty Regularization
10/29/10 C. Daniel Myers Information in Small Group Deliberation
11/19/10 Boris Shor Representation and the Ideological Mapping of American Legislatures
12/3/10 Brett Benson A Bargaining Model of Nuclear Weapons Development and Disarmament
12/10/10 Burt Monroe, Penn State Estimating Legislator Positions from Speech
12/17/10 Kosuke Imai and Graeme Blair Statistical Analysis of List Experiments
1/7/10 n/a Graduate Student Research Poster Session
1/14/10 Teppei Yamamoto and Will Bullock Workshop: Bayesian Inference using JAGS
1/21/10 Peter Buisseret and In Song Kim Workshop: Writing and Presenting Formal Theory
2/4/40 n/a Princeton Conference on New Methodologies and Applications in Comparative Politics and International Relations
2/7/10 James Fearon, Stanford University A Simple Political Economy of Relations Among Democracies and Autocracies
2/11/10 Keith Poole, University of Georgia Reflections on the Color Circle
2/18/10 Jake Shapiro Talking About Killing: Cell Phones, Collective Action, and Insurgent Violence in Iraq
2/25/12 Markus Prior Does Civic Involvement Increase Political Interest? Estimating the Effect of Endogenous Predictors on Political Interest
2/28/10 Christopher Blattman, Yale University Do Economic Shocks Cause Conflict? The (Absence of) Evidence from Commodity Prices
3/4/10 John Londregan Cultivating Votes in Rural Chile
3/11/10 Tim Groseclose, UCLA Bias in a Laboratory Simulation of a Signaling Game with Implications for the Influence of the News Media
3/25/10 Jidong Chen Learning and Strategic Signaling in Dynamic Agenda Control
4/15/10 Neil Malhotra, University of Pennsylvania The Representatives of the Supreme Court and the Perceptions of Legitimacy
4/22/10 Kevin Quinn Sparse Data Item Response Theory Modeling with an Application to the Estimation of Interest Group Positions
4/29/10 Peter Buisseret A Model of Competition between Political Parties under Alternative Electoral Rules
5/6/10 Marc Ratkovic Identifying Treatment Effect Heterogeneity through Optimal Classification and Variable Selection
5/13/10 Amaney Jamal Assessing Bias Against Muslim and Christian Immigrants: A List Experiment
5/20/10 Stephen Chaudoin International Cooperation, Legalized Dispute Settlement and Information Transmission to Domestic Audiences
5/27/10 Matt Incantalupo Estimating the Effects of Job Loss on Voter Turnout Using a Natural Experiment