Seminars in 2008-2009

Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

Date Presenter Title
9/12/08 Jake Shapiro Can Hearts and Minds Be Bought? The Economics of Counterinsurgency in Iraq
9/19/08 Charles Manski, Northwestern University Adaptive Partial Policy Innovation: Coping with Ambiguity through Diversification
9/26/08 Jee-Kwang Park An estimation of actual sampling errors in presidential approval pools: time-series factor analysis approach
10/03/08 Samuel S.H. Wang Meta-Analysis of Presidential Polls: 'Prediction is Hard, Especially of the Future'
10/10/08 Alexandre d'Apremont Model Selection Through Sparse Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Multivariate Gaussian or Binary Data
10/17/08 Jeff Lax, Columbia University Estimating Public Opinion in the States: Gay Rights and Policy Responsiveness
10/25/08 Will Bullock and Dustin Tingley Congressional Responsiveness to Public Opinion Regarding the Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement
11/14/08 Richard Chiburis Approximately Most Powerful Tests for Moment Inequalities
11/21/08 TBA Graduate Student Conference on Experiments on Interactive Decision Making and Group Dynamics
12/5/08 Aaron Strauss Planning the Optimal Get-out-the-vote Campaign Using Randomized Field Experiments
12/12/08 Teppei Yamamoto A Counterfactual Analysis of Necessary and Sufficient Causation: Nonparametric Identification and Inference with an Instrumental Variable
12/19/08 Dustin Tingley, Princeton and Stephanie Wang, California Institute of Technology Private Information, Beliefs, and Strategic Behavior: An Experimental Test of the Crisis Bargaining Game Model
2/6/08 Don Green, Yale University Treatment, Control, and Placebo: Efficient Estimation for Three-Group Experiments
2/13/08 Scott Ashworth and Josh Clinton How Did the Swift-Boat Ads Work
2/27/08 Benjamin Lauderdale What Identification Conditions for Ideal Point Estimators Teach Us About the Politicization of Citizens
3/6/08 Simon Jackman, Stanford University

Tracking Public Opinion Over the 2008 Election: a hierarchical, dynamic linear model

3/13/08 John Londregan A Fireproof Gibbs Algorithm
3/27/08 Peter Buisseret A Political Foundation for Factor Misallocation in A Dual Sector Harris Todaro Economy
3/27/08 Mike Miller Democratic Stability and Economic Growth: Retrospective vs. Prospective Models
4/10/08 Dustin Tingley The Dark Side of the Future: An Experimental Test of Commitment Problems in Bargaining
4/17/08 Jonathan Katz, California Institute of Technology Correcting For Survey Misreports Using Auxiliary Information With An Application to Estimating Turnout
4/24/08 Kasia Hebda Models of Informational Lobbying Coalitions
5/1/08 Shigeo Hirano, Columbia University Primary Competition and General Election Outcomes
5/8/08 Will Bullock TBA