Seminar 2012-2013

Date Presenter Title
8/21/2012 Deborah Beim, Peter Buisseret, Scott Abramson, Alex Ruder Text Analysis of Doctrinal Development in the Judicial Hierarchy (Beim) 
Parliamentarism or Presidentialism? (Buisseret) 
A Military Revolution in State Size? (Abramson)
Institutional Design and Attributions of Presidential Control (Ruder)
9/14/2012 Marc Ratkovic A Matching Method for General Treatment Regimes (Practice Job Talk)
9/21/2012 Deborah Beim Learning in the Judicial Hierarchy (Practice Job Talk)
9/28/2012-9/29/2012 Experimental Research Methods Workshop

Workshop's Program

10/5/2012 Peter Buisseret

Parliamentarism or Presidentialism? (Practice Job Talk)

10/12/2012 Michael Donnelly Identity and Interests (Practice Job Talk)
10/19/2012 Alex Ruder  Institutional Design and the Attribution of Presidential Control (Practice Job Talk)
10/26/2012 Michael Becher Presidentialism, Parliamentarism, and Redistribution (Practice Job Talk)


Fall Break


Leonard Wantchekon

Education and Human Capital Externalities: Evidence from Benin

11/16/2012 Job Talk
11/23/2012 Thanksgiving
11/30/2012 Job Talk
12/7/2012 Job Talk
12/14/2012 Luke Keele (Pennsylvania State University)

Geography as a Causal Variable

Talk based on the following two papers:

GeoMatch.pdf  GeoRDD.pdf


Poster Session

Wallace 300 (noon-2pm)

Poster Abstracts


Jidong Chen Committee Deliberation before Agenda Setting


Jonathan Olmsted GIT Workshop


Alex Tahk (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Continuous-Time, Latent-Variable Model of Polling and Other Time-Series Data


Kentaro Hirose Why Do Strong States Rarely Threaten Weak States Explicitly? A Mediation Analysis of Power, Trade, and Military Conflict
2/15/2013 In Song Kim
2/22/2013 Justin H. Gross (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) The Ideology-Etch-a-Sketch (IDEaS) Model: Inferring Ideological Profile from Key Phrases
3/1/2013 Jake Shapiro Is There a Law of One Attitude?
3/8/2013 Jerry Reiter (Duke University)

Protecting confidentiality in public use data with mulitple imputation

3/15/2013 Carlo Prato

Costly campaigns and reforms in democracy

3/22/2013 Spring Break
3/29/2013 Ruben Enikopolov Randomized Impact Evaluation of Afghanistan’s National Solidarity Programme
4/5/2013 Jonathan Olmsted Intro to Della: Basic HPC at Princeton University
4/12/2013 Midwest Conference


Kare Vernby (Uppsala University)

Do Participatory Democratic Institutions Engender Civic Engagement? A Regression Discontinuity Approach
4/26/2013 Politics Department Reunion


Gaurav Sood Coming to Dislike Your Opponents: The Polarizing Impact of Political Campaigns




Graeme Blair Why Oil-Rich States Are So Violent


Maria Petrova TBD


Advanced Statistical Programming Camp