Math Camp Summer 2014

Dates: August 26-September 9, 2014
Morning Session: 10:00am-11:50am
Afternoon Session: 1:30pm-3:20pm
Location: Corwin 127 (Robertson 029 on September 8)
Instructors: Gabriel Lopez-Moctezuma and Yuki Shiraito

Course Description: The math camp reviews basic calculus and linear algebra, as well as it introduces the fundamental ideas of real analysis necessary for graduate courses in formal and quantitative methods. The goal of the camp is twofold. The rst is to provide an opportunity to review the basic tools in calculus and linear algebra by solving a number of practice problems. To achieve this goal, the math camp is NOT designed to teach these materials to students for the rst time. Rather, it will focus on applying basic calculus and linear algebra tools to solve mathematical problems. We will start providing preview materials in late June. All students are strongly encouraged to go over these materials PRIOR to the camp.

The second goal is to facilitate a smooth transition to the mathematical foundation course (POL502). For this goal, we will cover the basic concepts of real analysis. Specically, the camp will ensure that students can use these basic concepts to prove mathematical propositions. POL502 will be built on the materials covered in this part of the camp.


Description of Preview Materials