LaTeX Workshops

Note: The dates on this page refer to previous academic years. Though the workshop is not yet planned to run again, the materials are here and can be used as necessary.

Students should install LaTeX on their computers using the directions below, and anyone encountering problems with the installation is welcome to come to one of the Q-APS consulting sessions. The workshops on October 26 and 30 will cover how to use LaTeX for writing papers, and making slides and posters (please see schedule below).

Installation Instructions of WINDOWS Users

1. Go to to download setup.exe for the installation of Cygwin
2. Run setup.exe by choosing all "texlive" packages, "X11" packages, and "emacs" packages in "Select Packages" dialogue in addition to the default packages
3. Go to Download and install Sumatra pdf viewer.                                                                                                                                           

Installation Instructions of MAC Users

1. Go to to download and install MacTex
2. Go to to download and install Aquamacs. 
3. Go to to download and install Skim. 

Schedule of workshops:

To view videos of the LaTeX workshops, please go to:

Date Time Room Workshop Workshop Presentation Materials
Friday, Oct. 26 10:00-11:30am Robertson Bowl 1 Workshop for writing papers using LaTeX (equations, tables, figures, and references)

Writing Papers Using LaTeX

Sample Article (PDF)

Sample Article.tex

Sample (bib)

Friday, Nov. 9 10:00-11:30am Robertson 023 Workshop for making slides and posters using LaTeX (beamer and beamerposter)

How to Use Beamer.pdf


How to Make a Poster.pdf